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Throwback Thursday: Candy

I have tried time and again to refrain from doing this because this is usually the first artist EVERYONE pulls out of their ass when doing a Throwback Thursday segment. But I can't help it anymore. H.O.T aka High Five of Teenagers were SM's first boy band, and the first idol group in 1996 when… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Candy


Throwback Thursday: Jingle Bell

This is my favorite of the SMTOWN family Christmas music videos. Old school SM artists, H.O.T, Shinhwa, S.E.S, Yoo Young Jin and Fly to The Sky (if anyone remembers, Brian Joo said he always hated the SMTOWN Christmas album stuff, just a random thought) all go to a log cabin and have winter fun. Watch the… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Jingle Bell

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Throwback Thursday: HeeJun

I DID THIS BECAUSE OF REASONS. Mostly because he's a smoking hot J-Rock sounding Korean rock soloist, but also for reasons. Just watch, you'll see. He's fucking awesome. I've done a solo Heejun article before, but three of my favorites that I'd like to flaunt and throw in your faces are "Toy," which is like… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: HeeJun