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Who’s Next? Epik High, That’s Who

So....yeah...*MAJOR FACE-DESK. It WAS Epik High. My question is why were there only two members on the teaser? *Answers self: Cuz YG's a TROLL Anywho, Epik High are finally making a comeback (YES!) which I'm super excited for. Hooray! They will be releasing their 8th album, "신발장 (Shoebox)" online on the 21st, and in stores… Continue reading Who’s Next? Epik High, That’s Who

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Cheer! For 3.2.1’s Latest Single

3.2.1 have recently released their latest single, "Cheers!" which, if you're not paying attention, sounds a little like "SHIT, SHIT SHIT!" Shit indeed, do these three get themeselves into some doozeys. Also seeing the two guys hip thrusting is hilarious in itself. The song is super catchy as well. Watch the music video here:  … Continue reading Cheer! For 3.2.1’s Latest Single

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Throwback Thursday: Happy Mode

Well goodness. Right off the bat, damn. If you haven't read this week's WW, I covered Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass." she is not only accused of plagiarizing Koyote, but an artist called Phish as well. "Happy Mode" is from 2006, off their 9th album, "London Koyote." The first verse is what she supposedly… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Happy Mode

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UNIST Release Trailer For New Acoustic Album

Really? Another Acoustic album (meaning second release of one I've seen today)? Not complaining though, I like UNIST! They too are releasing an acoustic album! All three members, Tama, Gaku and and Zen play guitar, and in the teaser that's just what they do. Sit on their bums and sing and play the guitar. They… Continue reading UNIST Release Trailer For New Acoustic Album