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Random Music Monday: The Stray

Aw man, I was doing such a good job of staying on track too. Well, no shame in backtracking. Work, then school, then getting back to working out is what my night consisted of last night. I wanna try working out again tonight, but I don't wanna burn out too fast and give up again.… Continue reading Random Music Monday: The Stray

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REMOTE GIRL☆ ‘Relax in the City’

I got an email recently (well, not so, recently) about a 4TE side project called, REMOTE GIRL☆. Originally REMOTE GIRL☆ consisted of 2 members, Chii and Alexander (PromWolf). Jenny, of 4TE is a new addition to the band as both their bassist and back up vocalist. They mainly focus on J-Rock and J-Rock covers, but they've also covered some… Continue reading REMOTE GIRL☆ ‘Relax in the City’

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Urban Zakapa Music Videos From ’04’ Album

Ah, Urban Zakapa, one of Fluxus Music's many gems. They released their latest album, "04" ten days ago, and I JUST got to listen to it. I adore "Self Hatred," "Every Single Day," "Starlight," and "To Be A Grown Up" which are my favorite songs from the album. They have four music videos released; they… Continue reading Urban Zakapa Music Videos From ’04’ Album

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FREAK (Pictured Above) Members Left to Right: Daichi Morioka Birth 1991.1.23 Yuki Ito 1990.11.29 Genki Ito 1990.11.29 Satoru Nakagaki Birth 1990.11.27 This profile was requested by a reader several months ago. I apologize for the delay, but here you go. FREAK are an R&B vocal group from Japan. They were formed in 2012 by Satoru and Yuki, who attended… Continue reading FREAK