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Girlkind Get ‘Fanci’ In New Year Practice Video

Girlkind are ready for the Chinese New Year, and what better way to do anything than in a hanbok? The practice video is worth watching, trust me! Watch the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKxk5kNgiwc   Like the song? Buy their single on iTunes! Also, follow their SNS Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube     Source: GIRLKIND YouTube

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Girlkind Release Dance Version of ‘Fanci’ MV

Girlkind seem to have taken fans hearts not necessarily because they're super great (they're good, not great) [*cue Tony the Tiger] but because of their uniqueness. Another unique aspect is that instead of taking their dance version back to the practice room or music video set, they've taken it to the rooftops. Okay, so just… Continue reading Girlkind Release Dance Version of ‘Fanci’ MV

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Girlkind Debut With ‘FANCI’ MV

Girlkind have been making waves in news headlines since before debut. Not necessarily because of their talent. Moreso because their PR departments skills seem...cheap. But I took a look at their debut music video and it's something! Girlkind debuted on January 17th from Nextlevel Entertainment with their debut single, 'Fanci.' Dubbed a hip-hop girl group,… Continue reading Girlkind Debut With ‘FANCI’ MV