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My Top 17 of 2017

I just realized that I didn't make a list like this for last year, so I'm making sure I do this for this year. This isn't really that I couldn't decide, I just decided to go with the flow and realized it would be hard to narrow down anyway, so let's get started! In no… Continue reading My Top 17 of 2017

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GEM Release ‘Fine! 〜fly for the future〜 ‘ MV

GEM made a comeback a couple days ago with their latest music video for the single, "Fine! 〜fly for the future〜 ." The album, "Girls Entertainment Mixture" will be released on March 23rd, containing old and new songs alike. This is technically their 5th single, but it will appear on a compilation CD with their other… Continue reading GEM Release ‘Fine! 〜fly for the future〜 ‘ MV

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GEM Are Precious in ‘Baby, Love Me!’

My precious angels, GEM hath returned, with their latest single, "Baby, Love Me!" The music video is set between real life and alternate reality through a headset they walk around looking like dorks in. It's really cute and sweet, and adorable and so are they. Especially Maaya. She is just so precious. My precious cinnamon… Continue reading GEM Are Precious in ‘Baby, Love Me!’