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Random Music Monday: Smooth Operator

AAAAAAH. Okay, so not so random, but G.Soul featuring San E covering Sade's "Smooth Operator"...UGH It's so wonderful. I even love the addition of San E. It's just everything I wanted. Watch the video (or..well...the 'play' screen) here: Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

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Favorite Male K-Pop Rookies of 2015

K-Pop brought the boys out and they delivered. Some may surprise you some may not, but this is my list, and as with the females, only the last group/artist listed is 'in order.' So let's get started! SNUPER Weird name, cute group. They've done a lot of promoting for their debut from such a small… Continue reading Favorite Male K-Pop Rookies of 2015