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G-Friend ‘Time For the Moonlight’ Unboxing

This is my unboxing for G-Friend's second to last (as of right now) mini album, 'Time for the Moonlight'. I bought it from the Choice Music booth at KCONLA! Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3Cdwg9bDLU Don't forget to pick up your copy at either Choice Music or Ktown4U

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G-Friend ‘Time For The Moon Night’ MV + Bonus Videos

Who am I kidding? Any G-Friend video is a bonus video /is very very biased/ I didn't let this comeback go unnoticed, however yes I did wait this long to watch the music video. The music video plot-wise for the title track, 'Time for the Moon Night' is a classic G-Friend 'girls' trip' but it… Continue reading G-Friend ‘Time For The Moon Night’ MV + Bonus Videos

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G-Friend Are Still Innocent Angels in ‘Summer Rain’ MV

Of course I saw this the day it was published, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. G-Friend made a repackage called "Summer Rain" shortly after releasing their fifth mini album, "Parallel." It's their usual style, cute and innocent with a sick guitar riff. And honestly, I love the way their skirts twirl in the choreo.… Continue reading G-Friend Are Still Innocent Angels in ‘Summer Rain’ MV

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KTOWN4U Double Unboxing G-Friend’s ‘Parallel’ Album

I actually filmed this like a week ago, but I just realized that I didn't publicize it. Whoops! Yeah, I bought both version during the pre-order time period, so this package is no longer available. It was around $22-24 for both albums. Watch the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W3yo1TDyrc&t=25s   Buy Love: http://www.ktown4u.com/iteminfo?grp_no=107950&goods_no=29912 Buy Whisper: http://www.ktown4u.com/iteminfo?grp_no=107950&goods_no=29911