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FREAK ‘Back Again’ MV

FREAK are back and I love them more than ever...like I ever stopped /rolls off cliff/ FREAK have released the music video for the single, "Back Again," featuring DEEP member Yuichiro. It's a black and white music video, pretty simple and wonderful of course. This is from their 3rd album, "Time 4 Love" which will… Continue reading FREAK ‘Back Again’ MV

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FREAK Make a Comeback With ‘誓いの歌’

It's been awhile since I've heard from FREAK, and I'm so glad they made a comeback. They're a great vocal group. This is their latest single, "誓いの歌" from their first full length album, "Sing 4 Life," which will be released on December 16th! Watch the music video here:   I guess I also missed the… Continue reading FREAK Make a Comeback With ‘誓いの歌’

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FREAK (Pictured Above) Members Left to Right: Daichi Morioka Birth 1991.1.23 Yuki Ito 1990.11.29 Genki Ito 1990.11.29 Satoru Nakagaki Birth 1990.11.27 This profile was requested by a reader several months ago. I apologize for the delay, but here you go. FREAK are an R&B vocal group from Japan. They were formed in 2012 by Satoru and Yuki, who attended… Continue reading FREAK