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/Cries/ Because Junsu Is Perfection

So my friend Stacey tagged me a video...which was XIA Junsu's latest comeback, "Flower" featuring Tablo...WHICH IS PERFECTION. Watch the music video here:   I'm not so good with symbolism, but this YouTuber seems to be: Basically, the song is about Xia selling his soul in order to become “enlightened” and immortal. The one-eyed demon… Continue reading /Cries/ Because Junsu Is Perfection

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Flower Release ‘秋風のアンサー’ MV

Flower, Dream and Happiness' sister group of E-Girls have released a music video! The girls have released "秋風のアンサー," a beautiful ballad with gorgeous imagery and killer choreography. And while the solo shots were cool, I found them a bit off-putting. It was like they were trying to have a dubstep breakdown in the middle of… Continue reading Flower Release ‘秋風のアンサー’ MV