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Friday Flicks:Bromance

I saw the teaser for this drama on Facebook and it looks awkwardly hilarious, so I HAVE to watch it as my first drama of 2016. "Bromance" is a Taiwanese drama, btw so if you plan on watching this, be in for the long haul. Oh wait, only 20 episodes. /sighs in relief/ Synopsis: Following a… Continue reading Friday Flicks:Bromance

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Friday Flicks: Bubblegum

I've finally found a drama to kick my blues after finishing "Scholar Who Walks The Night," with "Bubblegum!" (I'm still contemplating "Vampire Prosecutor," but I'm on episode three and there's nothing really keeping me watching. Not even the handsome prosecutor.) "Bubblegum" is a new drama starring Lee Dong Wook from "Roommate," and Jung Reo Won,… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Bubblegum