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G-Friend ‘Time For The Moon Night’ MV + Bonus Videos

Who am I kidding? Any G-Friend video is a bonus video /is very very biased/ I didn't let this comeback go unnoticed, however yes I did wait this long to watch the music video. The music video plot-wise for the title track, 'Time for the Moon Night' is a classic G-Friend 'girls' trip' but it… Continue reading G-Friend ‘Time For The Moon Night’ MV + Bonus Videos

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Girlkind Get ‘Fanci’ In New Year Practice Video

Girlkind are ready for the Chinese New Year, and what better way to do anything than in a hanbok? The practice video is worth watching, trust me! Watch the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKxk5kNgiwc   Like the song? Buy their single on iTunes! Also, follow their SNS Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube     Source: GIRLKIND YouTube

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VAV ‘Spotlight’ Practice ZoomZoom Ver.

VAV grace us with a practice version of 'Spotlight' with a zoomzoom in while in dashing hanboks thanks to the Chinese New Year. View the video below: https://youtu.be/lWT2L1X_11M   Like the song? Buy the song on iTunes! If you want a physical copy, grab yours at KTOWN4U! Like VAV? Facebook Twitter Instagram Weibo Tumblr Fan… Continue reading VAV ‘Spotlight’ Practice ZoomZoom Ver.

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EXO ‘Electric Kiss’ Dance Practice

EXO released their dance practice for their Japanese single, 'Electric Kiss,' so take a look! I'm not used to having this kind of access to Japanese singles in K-Pop. While there's still some difficulty, for some reason SM has started uploading the full versions of the Japanese singles. And now, dance practice videos? Yes please!… Continue reading EXO ‘Electric Kiss’ Dance Practice

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TRCNG ‘Wolf Baby’ Practice Video

I feel like this came as the second coming of EXO's 'Wolf,' and was not disappointed. Here's the practice video! TRCNG is the 10 member rookie group from TS Entertainment, and they debuted last year with 'Spectrum' and made their comeback recently with 'Wolf Baby.' As I said previously, the name implied [to me] that… Continue reading TRCNG ‘Wolf Baby’ Practice Video