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My Top 17 of 2017

I just realized that I didn't make a list like this for last year, so I'm making sure I do this for this year. This isn't really that I couldn't decide, I just decided to go with the flow and realized it would be hard to narrow down anyway, so let's get started! In no… Continue reading My Top 17 of 2017

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Daichi Miura Releases ‘Cry & Fight’ MV

Daichi Miura has released his latest music video for the song, "Cry & Fight." I assume he means he's going to make me cry and fight through my feelz because damn, I'm drowning in them. Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, This is his latest single, which will include two other songs, "Yes & No," and "Forever & Always." The… Continue reading Daichi Miura Releases ‘Cry & Fight’ MV

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‘Unlock’ Daichi’s Latest Single

Oh, Daichi! How I've awaited your return! Pretty much in love with the title song, "Unlock." There is absolutely nothing wrong with this song or video. Beside's Daichi's peach fuzz. That is just a little weird. And also a personal preference. Anywho, the single rocks! The music video was released on February 6th, but the… Continue reading ‘Unlock’ Daichi’s Latest Single