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‘Watch Out’ For Da-iCE’s 8th Single!

Da-iCE have released the music video for their 8th single, "Watch Out!" The single will be released on April 6th! It sounds like an awesome song, not that, you know, we can hear the full version or anything. The boys are smartly dressed in red suits dancing in an empty club. The song is pretty… Continue reading ‘Watch Out’ For Da-iCE’s 8th Single!

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Da-iCE 4th Single ‘もう一度だけ’

While the music video has been out for about a month now, but the single was just released on the 7th of January, 2015. Their single, "もう一度だけ" is amazingly beautiful, and while I'm at it, let's just say their synchronization is on an Infinite level. Let me make this a bit clearer, Woolim Infinite. One… Continue reading Da-iCE 4th Single ‘もう一度だけ’

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Da-iCE To Release 4th Single Next Year

Da-iCE recently released their first full length album, and are at it again with teasers for their 4th single, "もう一度だけ." The single comes in two versions, the first contains two tracks, the title track and "この曲のせい," and the music video + making-of clips. The second edition comes with all that and an English version of… Continue reading Da-iCE To Release 4th Single Next Year