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Catching Up With K-Pop #3

This time on Catching Up With K-Pop, it's more because I was super busy with preparations for KCON, along with other personal matters that put these music releases out of reach for me to write about at the time. I'd love to give them their own articles, but I'm still quite busy, so I'll leave… Continue reading Catching Up With K-Pop #3

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KCON 2015 Trip: 3rd and Final Day of KCON

The last day. I couldn't believe it. A whole week in Cali, almost coming to an end. As I got ready to leave for the train, all that I could think of (besides, 'OH MY GAWD, SHINHWAAAA!) was that it was the last day, what would I do? Would I buy anything? What would the… Continue reading KCON 2015 Trip: 3rd and Final Day of KCON