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Purfles’ 3rd Single ‘Bad Girl’

Ah, Purfles! I've been waiting for this comeback for so long. This single, "Bad Girl,"is uptempo, thankfully. However, the girls' song leaves some to be desired, as the verses...are rather...bland. The chorus, however is quite catchy. The music video is simple, and why not? There's no need for much flash, the girls have enough talent, that… Continue reading Purfles’ 3rd Single ‘Bad Girl’

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Heyne’s Cute and Feisty in ‘Red Lie’

In which she catches her box faced boyfriend cheating, and proceeds to pummel him throughout the music video with blow up hammers and balloons. This is Heyne's third single, "Red Lie." She debuted in June of last year with "DALLA" and gained popularity with "Love007." Watch the music video here:   Like the song? Buy… Continue reading Heyne’s Cute and Feisty in ‘Red Lie’