October Roundup: Music Video Favorites [Video Playlist]

This is something I've decided to incorporate to let y'all know what I'm listening to throughout the month! This month was full of great releases, and this playlist is going to showcase some of my favorite songs. Many of the songs on the playlist were featured on my radio show, What the Bop?! and/or have… Continue reading October Roundup: Music Video Favorites [Video Playlist]

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You Need Lay’s ‘I Need U’

Aside from the super cute fact that the older couple are actually his grandparents, the music video is aesthetically pleasing and the song is super great. Because of the whole China/Korea beef, EXO's Lay and many other Chinese musicians are having a hard time promoting, let alone working through or in Korea. However, he does… Continue reading You Need Lay’s ‘I Need U’

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LuHan ‘Promises’ + ‘Football Gang’ and ‘Your Song’

Luhan has released two singles recently, and there's a music video I saw forever ago, but forgot to post about, so here's the first one, "Your Song." It's really cute as Luhan walks around, singing in a town square. This was released back in September, btw.   There's this single called "Medals," but there's no… Continue reading LuHan ‘Promises’ + ‘Football Gang’ and ‘Your Song’

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Luhan’s ‘That Good Good’

So Luhan dropped the music video for his solo debut single, "That Good Good" not too long ago, and it's hip hop...okay. To be honest, I love anything EXO/ex-EXO members put out. They're so awesome. Anyway, besides getting over the hip hop concept, TAKE A LISTEN TO THOSE SEXUAL INNUENDOS. 'Let me tell you about,… Continue reading Luhan’s ‘That Good Good’