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KARD in Chicago Experience

This is a long time coming for an event I couldn't shut up about. Between work and school I have been so exhausted that most days I come home and go straight to sleep. But enough about that, what about KARD?!?! So the day before the concert, I worked a full day and left for… Continue reading KARD in Chicago Experience

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K.A.R.D in Chicago Schedule Released

It's six days before I leave for Chicago, and a week before the K.A.R.D concert/fan meet. Yesterday, SubK released the official schedule. It begins at 2, when the merch pickup happens, which lasts until 5 pm. What also happens at 2 is the beginning of the benefits pickup. What this is, explained by a SubK… Continue reading K.A.R.D in Chicago Schedule Released

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K.A.R.D In Chicago Update: Merch and More!

Merchandise for the WILD K.A.R.D in USA tour by SubK went on sale a few days ago, and we only have until April 28th to have the discounted prices. The Chicago show will be on May, 5th @ 7 pm, doors open at 6:30. The venue is the Copernicus Center. I wanted to make a… Continue reading K.A.R.D In Chicago Update: Merch and More!

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KCON LA Day 2: AKA One of the Best Days of My LYFE

So this particular...was so amazing. I bet your wondering why, right? Keep reading. Today was the day I'd see G-Friend in their fan engagement and on stage. I've only been stanning these girls since debut. I had finally collected all of their albums and had several posters. Their engagement wasn't until later, so we… Continue reading KCON LA Day 2: AKA One of the Best Days of My LYFE