KCONNY 2018: Apps You’ll Need

Things you'll need was just the tip of the iceberg. Your phone is just as important a tool as the other items you'll be carrying. Let's explore, shall we?   This is a must, especially if you're like us. We stay outside the citay, so we take the train, and you can check train schedules… Continue reading KCONNY 2018: Apps You’ll Need

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My Journey To KCON Part 1: Buying The Tickets

It's official. This chica is going! I'll take you through my journey step by step. And when I'm there, I'll vlog and blog all about it. I hope you'll feel as though you're right there with me. First of all, don't believe KCON's estimates. I had enough money saved up for what I thought was… Continue reading My Journey To KCON Part 1: Buying The Tickets