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FAKY ‘Who We Are’ MV

I knew they released this. I don't know why it took me so long to share this with you. Oh right. School. So yeah, this is FAKY's latest single, 'Who We Are.' It's very artsy, filmed in black and white, with the girls singing with emotion as they cry out to be themselves. The single… Continue reading FAKY ‘Who We Are’ MV

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Anda Releases A Mini Album After Leaving Us For Like Two Years We Are BLESSED

No, seriously. Have you listened to the album? Anda, formerly Andamiro has undergone another vocal exploration into what  I think is shoegaze, thanks to Primary, the entire album, by the way, is Anda and Primary. It's amazing. It's fantastic. It's everything you ever wanted and never asked for. The album is called, 'Do worry, Be… Continue reading Anda Releases A Mini Album After Leaving Us For Like Two Years We Are BLESSED

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VAV ‘Spotlight’ Practice ZoomZoom Ver.

VAV grace us with a practice version of 'Spotlight' with a zoomzoom in while in dashing hanboks thanks to the Chinese New Year. View the video below: https://youtu.be/lWT2L1X_11M   Like the song? Buy the song on iTunes! If you want a physical copy, grab yours at KTOWN4U! Like VAV? Facebook Twitter Instagram Weibo Tumblr Fan… Continue reading VAV ‘Spotlight’ Practice ZoomZoom Ver.

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BoA’s ‘私このままでいいのかな’ MV

BoA will also be making a Japanese comeback with her full-length album 'Am I Okay Like This?' and I am totally for this. BoA released the music video for the title song, '私このままでいいのかな' on January 25th. The song is absolutely beautiful and the music video is just so aesthetically pleasing, is really all I can… Continue reading BoA’s ‘私このままでいいのかな’ MV