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My Interview With People and People

So, I kept this a secret, but...interview! People and People are a duo from Magic Strawberry Sound consisting of members Kun Hoon and So Im. They recently released their latest single, "The Universe," and I was lucky enough to interview these two lovely people. Thank you two for your time and effort as well as… Continue reading My Interview With People and People

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Random Music Monday: LADYBABY

I don't know what screams, "Welcome to J-Pop, Normal is just a state of mind" more than LADYBABY. Two Japanese girls and a grown white man...every single a dress. Ladybeard (the man) is an Australian cross dressing 'kawaii-core' singer who combines death metal and wrestling into his routines. Interesting. He has teamed up with… Continue reading Random Music Monday: LADYBABY

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MFBTY’s ‘Bang Diggy Bang Bang’ SLAYS

I promised myself one more listen, and here I am, about eight...twelve or so listens later...still going. This song SLAAAAAYS. Everything is on point, and there's dancing and colorful powder, and pillow fights, beginning short monologue from Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK's son Jaden in the beginning, and Bizzy is great, as well as… Continue reading MFBTY’s ‘Bang Diggy Bang Bang’ SLAYS