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Yes, I did see this seconds after it dropped, yes me and my friends are excited about this YES I DID SEE THEM PERFORM THIS ON THE BBMAS YAS I WAS JUNGSHOOKETH BTS recently released their third album, 'Love Yourself:Tear' with the title track, 'Fake Love.' My friends and I were skeptical at first, but… Continue reading BTS ‘FAKE LOVE’ MV

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BTS ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ Reaction

So, I haven't done a reaction in awhile, but I decided to do one for BTS' latest release, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears." Lord, have mercy on my soul. I thought listening to BTS would be just another boyband, not another life ruining squad ;^; It's colorful, symbolic, the dance is phenomenal, and....those were some mighty....hardcore… Continue reading BTS ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ Reaction

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BTS Guzheng Cover of ‘Butterfly’

So, I found this cover a day or so ago from this BTS fan page: 방탄소년단의 신기왕국 who posted or re-posted a girl named Clara Melody who played a guzheng cover of BTS's single, "Butterfly" from the album, "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Part 2" (11/20/15). I'm absolutely in love with this cover right now… Continue reading BTS Guzheng Cover of ‘Butterfly’