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So, BTS has had a slew of comebacks I haven't, and probably won't cover. Not because they suck or anything, but because I am lazy. And picky. I love "FIRE," okay? "FIRE" was released from their trilogy album, "The Most Beautiful Moments In Life: Young Forever," on May 1st. The song, is...well it's fire. It's… Continue reading BTS ‘FIRE’ MV

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BTS Guzheng Cover of ‘Butterfly’

So, I found this cover a day or so ago from this BTS fan page: 방탄소년단의 신기왕국 who posted or re-posted a girl named Clara Melody who played a guzheng cover of BTS's single, "Butterfly" from the album, "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Part 2" (11/20/15). I'm absolutely in love with this cover right now… Continue reading BTS Guzheng Cover of ‘Butterfly’

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Boy Music Videos I Meant To Watch But Didn’t

First up is Super Junior's Zhoumi, who has a solo album, "Rewind." The title track, depending on the language, will feature Chanyeol or Tao, both of EXO. Korean: Chinese: ...What...is...this...PERFECTION THAT IS ZHOUMI????? Pretty sure my heart just stopped. And my ovaries exploded. Though that weird cha-cha move they had him do at the end...that was weird… Continue reading Boy Music Videos I Meant To Watch But Didn’t

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BTS Drop Japanese Version of ‘Danger’

You know what's in danger? My heart. From exploding in FEELZ. "Danger" is by far my favorite BTS song. EVUR. And even though normally I would pass on a Japanese version of a song I already love, I HAD to know what it sounded like. Silver. Because the Korean version is gold. I will [almost]… Continue reading BTS Drop Japanese Version of ‘Danger’