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BoA ‘Jazz Club’ MV

Of course I saw that my Queen made a comeback, ARE YOU CRAZY???? BoA, the light of my life, has released a music video for her title track, 'Jazz Club.' The song itself is pretty catchy, and of course BoA and her signature dance moves take the spotlight, after the cringe inducing English dialogue that seemed super… Continue reading BoA ‘Jazz Club’ MV

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What the Bop!?: My Six Year K-Pop Anniversary Playlist

October 16th just so happened to be my K-Pop anniversary. I've officially been a fan for six years now. My, does time fly when you're having fun. K-Pop has given me so many great memories, experiences and friends. I am truly grateful. As always, I shared the news and we got to the music, we… Continue reading What the Bop!?: My Six Year K-Pop Anniversary Playlist

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My Top 12 Iconic K-Pop Songs

This is inspired by this, and OH MY GOD, WHITE PEOPLE PLEASE. IT IS NOT 'GAING-NAM' OR 'HAI-YOONA' or 'TAE-YAYNG' MY GOD, PEOPLE. HOW HARD IS IT TO COPY PRONUNCIATION?!?!?!?!?! 'gAH-NG-NAHM' 'HYUH-NUH' 'TAE-YAHNG' THERE! /I'm so sorry/ /I did not mean to freak out/ He, or rather, 'they' seemed to miss out on some rather… Continue reading My Top 12 Iconic K-Pop Songs