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This was BoA's last music video for her latest Korean comeback, 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' which was her first mini album and it SLAYED MY SOUL I just didn't tell you about it because I was too busy dying. So yeah, this song is AMAZING, I love it with every fiber of my being, almost… Continue reading BoA ‘ONE SHOT TWO SHOT’ MV

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BoA’s ‘私このままでいいのかな’ MV

BoA will also be making a Japanese comeback with her full-length album 'Am I Okay Like This?' and I am totally for this. BoA released the music video for the title song, '私このままでいいのかな' on January 25th. The song is absolutely beautiful and the music video is just so aesthetically pleasing, is really all I can… Continue reading BoA’s ‘私このままでいいのかな’ MV

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BoA x Siedah Garret ‘Man In The Mirror’ Live Performance

My Queen, I can't even. So, yeah. Okay I'm just gonna, try to act normal...so yes. BoA and a singer I've never heard of, Siedah Garret performed Michael Jackson's 'Man In The Mirror' live and it's just, /melts/ If there's one thing, well two you should know by now it's that I LOVE BoA I… Continue reading BoA x Siedah Garret ‘Man In The Mirror’ Live Performance