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FAKY ‘Candy’ MV

FAKY recently released their music video for the track, "Candy," the title track from their latest mini album. The video was released on the 25th of April. The mini album will be up for pre-order on the 11th of May, and available for purchase on the 24th. It contains six tracks,  "Afterglow," "Pretty," "Candy," "You," "Are… Continue reading FAKY ‘Candy’ MV

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FAKY, FEMM and Yup’In Collaborate For Mini Album ‘FAMM’IN’

Oh my lord, you have no idea how excited I was. Or perhaps you do, coolies. FAKY, my favoritest J-Pop girl group, duo FEMM and soloist Yup'in have come together to form the project group FAMM'IN (a combination of their names), which is coincidentally the name of their first mini album that was released on the… Continue reading FAKY, FEMM and Yup’In Collaborate For Mini Album ‘FAMM’IN’

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Daichi Miura Releases ‘Cry & Fight’ MV

Daichi Miura has released his latest music video for the song, "Cry & Fight." I assume he means he's going to make me cry and fight through my feelz because damn, I'm drowning in them. Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, This is his latest single, which will include two other songs, "Yes & No," and "Forever & Always." The… Continue reading Daichi Miura Releases ‘Cry & Fight’ MV