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CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’

Thanks to the push from CL on New Years, Made Management has released the official audio to CL's 2016 unreleased single, 'All In.' On New Years Eve, CL posted to Instagram lamenting about how she couldn't give anything to fans, and that she was risking a lot to show us what she had, but that… Continue reading CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’

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FAKY Will Release ‘Sweet’ New Single on August 20th!

FAKY are making a comeback, and I am all but ready for it. they will be making their comeback with the single, "Suga Sweet" on August 20th, and will be streamable on Spotify. Sadly for those of us who use iTunes/Apple Music, we'll have to wait until the 30th for its release. This song was written… Continue reading FAKY Will Release ‘Sweet’ New Single on August 20th!

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Random Music Monday: Retro Twang

I've been busy these past few days, and lucky me, everything I have been working on this term is due this Sunday. All of it. Fucking. All of it. So, don't be surprised if you don't hear from me until the term is over. Not that I will try that, but, it is quite the… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Retro Twang

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Do-Hyeong Feat. 01 ‘With U’

This is a very nice R&B song I found via PurplePine Entertainment, from an artist called Do-Hyeong (aka Beyond) with his single "With U," featuring rapper 01. Listen to the official audio here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gO0c26b9z4 The video info box says that the single was released today, but it's not available on iTunes. Couldn't find any SNS… Continue reading Do-Hyeong Feat. 01 ‘With U’

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Worldwide Wednesday: Everlasting Love

I have been obsessed with this song forever. And by forever a few months ago I heard it, remembered that I had heard it forever ago and loved it, forgot it, heard it again, and took down the lyrics so I could finally remember it. This song originally was recorded in Nashville by Robert Knight.… Continue reading Worldwide Wednesday: Everlasting Love