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Friday Flicks: Wandering Son

To be quite honest, I was rather at a loss today when trying to figure out what to post. So I went on Crunchyroll and went through their Slice of Life anime section, and stumbled upon, "Wandering Son." I wasn't even looking at content, to be honest, I just liked the way the animation looked.… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Wandering Son

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Friday Flicks: Digimon Adventures Tri

Yes! Nothing like a reboot of a childhood favorite. I remember when I had a Digivice....ah~ good times. Anyway, "Digimon Adventures Tri" is a reboot of Digimon, which has gone through six other regenerations/seasons, the first two following the same/nearly the same group. It's been years and I'm too lazy today to go in depth,… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Digimon Adventures Tri

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Friday Flicks: SNK Junior High

When this first started getting attention with teasers, I was all over it but I kinda forgot about it for a little bit. UNTIL NOW. "Attack On Titan: Junior High" aired from November to December in 2015. Synopsis: Eren, Mikasa and Armin head to middle school, with their classmates...the Titans. One of the Titans steals… Continue reading Friday Flicks: SNK Junior High

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Random Happiness: Late Night Ramblings

So I'm sitting here waiting for "Tales of Zestiria" to download and I have a lot of thoughts. Like how awesome G.Soul's cover of Sade's "Smooth Operator" is gonna be. What's my video game gonna be like? Will I want to throw my controller? When will BoA make a comeback? When will DFLA return for… Continue reading Random Happiness: Late Night Ramblings