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What the Bop?!: Happy Chuseok Broadcast

It's been awhile, but Happy Chuseok! Join me for news, new jams and an in depth look at the autumn festival holiday! Listen to the episode here: Listen to "Happy Chuseok Broadcast" on Spreaker.https://widget.spreaker.com/widgets.js   News: Earlier this week, Namie Amuro officially retired after 25 years in the music industry as the reigning Queen of… Continue reading What the Bop?!: Happy Chuseok Broadcast

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Great Guys Make a Long Awaited Comeback With ‘Illusion’

This is WAAAAY way long in the making for us fans, Great Guys has been doing Japanese activities for a long time, and it's been...since April when they released their last single, 'Ganda' which I had no idea about and since then, it had been last year when they debuted when they released 'Last Men.'… Continue reading Great Guys Make a Long Awaited Comeback With ‘Illusion’

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SnackFever August ‘Summer in Korea’ Unboxing

This is the 'Summer in Korea' box (if you couldn't tell by the title' from SnackFever for August, so let's take a look inside! Yes, we had some repeats, but we also had some really interesting new treats to try out this month, as well as fun swag in our boxes! Watch the video here:… Continue reading SnackFever August ‘Summer in Korea’ Unboxing