SnackFever September Box Review

I started SnackFever as an experiment, and received two boxes, the August box and the September box. I didn't review the August box on video shy. However, I put those feelings aside and filmed a small review for the September box, which was a YG box, which is why I kept the subscription.  … Continue reading SnackFever September Box Review

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BTS ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ Reaction

So, I haven't done a reaction in awhile, but I decided to do one for BTS' latest release, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears." Lord, have mercy on my soul. I thought listening to BTS would be just another boyband, not another life ruining squad ;^; It's colorful, symbolic, the dance is phenomenal, and....those were some mighty....hardcore… Continue reading BTS ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ Reaction

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SHINee’s ‘1of1’ is Perfection

I cannot even I wrote the above several hours ago. Immediately after watching SHINee's latest music video for "1of1" for their latest album of the same name, I was flabbergasted. In awe of their awesomeness. Dumbstruck, if you will. SHINee is fucking lit, okay? Watch the music video below: iTunes Like SHINee? Facebook Website… Continue reading SHINee’s ‘1of1’ is Perfection

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EXO x Yu Jae Seok ‘Dancing King’ SM Station

I missed this when it first came out, so I just watched it. OMG, this was great. I was smiling the whole time. EXO and comedian Yu Jae Seok look like they're all having fun, and the DAB! Lord omg. /has flashbacks to KCONNY/ This is "Dancing King," and the song is super great, and I… Continue reading EXO x Yu Jae Seok ‘Dancing King’ SM Station