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Friday Flicks: Neukkim Reaction

I'm a day late and I apologize. It's the last Friday Flicks of the year, and I figured enough skipping out (even though I'm tired. I love u peoples) so let's do this. Also, before I forget, merry belated Christmas! Chances are, this is my last K-Drama of the year. I've binged on a handful these… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Neukkim Reaction

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Throwback Thursday: My First K-Pop Videos: TVXQ

When I first got into K-Pop in 2011, as I've discussed in a previous TT: MFKV (very obvious abbreviation, I know I'm just lazy. Kind of. Typing right now is I mean, useless if I wanted to be lazy. Anyway, for future references, that's the abbreviation for this segment.) for JYJ, I didn't know they… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: My First K-Pop Videos: TVXQ

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Worldwide Wednesday: 8 Days of Christmas

I didn't even know this song HAD a music video. This was one of my favorite albums growing up. I remember listening to the CD on my walkman until it accidentally broke in my backpack ;( This is Destiny's Child's title single from their 2001 Christmas album, "8 Days of Christmas," which had a reissue… Continue reading Worldwide Wednesday: 8 Days of Christmas

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K-Indie Picks 12.22.15

I'd like to focus on coffee. Why? Because it's the life-blood of adulthood. Ask any college student/working adult or any adult-y person in general and they'll tell you. Also because there are some nice indie songs focused around this holy beverage. 10cm 'Americano' This is the band's single from 2010, an upbeat acoustic diddy about… Continue reading K-Indie Picks 12.22.15

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A New Step Towards A Life Goal [Life Update and What That Means For The Site]

Okay. So, a few days ago, I decided that it was time to take that big step, and head back to school. I'm going to university now to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary English and my ESL. I just had a meeting with my counselor today and she said my transcript was pretty impressive.… Continue reading A New Step Towards A Life Goal [Life Update and What That Means For The Site]