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FAKY ‘Who We Are’ MV

I knew they released this. I don't know why it took me so long to share this with you. Oh right. School. So yeah, this is FAKY's latest single, 'Who We Are.' It's very artsy, filmed in black and white, with the girls singing with emotion as they cry out to be themselves. The single… Continue reading FAKY ‘Who We Are’ MV

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G-Friend ‘Time For The Moon Night’ MV + Bonus Videos

Who am I kidding? Any G-Friend video is a bonus video /is very very biased/ I didn't let this comeback go unnoticed, however yes I did wait this long to watch the music video. The music video plot-wise for the title track, 'Time for the Moon Night' is a classic G-Friend 'girls' trip' but it… Continue reading G-Friend ‘Time For The Moon Night’ MV + Bonus Videos

Unboxing Review

April SnackFever ‘Bom’bastic Cherry Blossom Unboxing

This is a few weeks late. My batteries for my camera ran out and my phone took my video hostage...again. *facepalms. But here it is and BEFORE my next unboxing! Ah-ha! Get it? Because 'bom' in Korean means 'spring' and its spring now and its Cherry Blossom season...I'll be quiet. Anyway, this box was amazing!… Continue reading April SnackFever ‘Bom’bastic Cherry Blossom Unboxing