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Random Music Monday: Who’s Your Mama?

Yes, it is what you think it is, NO, it is not WHO you think it is. I first saw this video on Facebook posted by a friend. It made me laugh so hard I cried. Because who doesn't love guys in dresses? I don't know, but they probably hate puppies too, and I don't… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Who’s Your Mama?

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Random Music Monday: S_ame

I used the Twitter handle for this band because I just really didn't feel like spelling the band's name out more than necessary. These guys debuted literally today. Their twitter is only as of right now 22 hours old. The group, Shinotsukuame (篠突) released their music video for their debut single, "輝夜-kaguya-" earlier today. I… Continue reading Random Music Monday: S_ame

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Random Music Monday: J.Counter

I found this guy as I was doing something for the other site, and I just loved his stuff. There's not much that I could find on iTunes, but what I DID find was amazing. The song I originally looked at was J.Counter's "All My Life (feat. Stringer)." The B-side track to that single, "Ola… Continue reading Random Music Monday: J.Counter