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Random Music Monday: Retro Twang

I've been busy these past few days, and lucky me, everything I have been working on this term is due this Sunday. All of it. Fucking. All of it. So, don't be surprised if you don't hear from me until the term is over. Not that I will try that, but, it is quite the… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Retro Twang

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Random Music Monday: Hyun Young

Oh my God you guys, this is GLORIOUS~ Yoo Hyun Young is from BomNal Entertainment, and has been active since 1997 as an actress, model and presenter. She also, happens to have released a few singles and an album. One single, is titled, "Sister's Dream," aka, the Korean version of "Dragostea Din Tei." It's great.… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Hyun Young

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Random Music Monday: Mercury

First, let's get this straight, just so there are no questions left unanswered: Harisu was the first transgender woman to become famous in Korea. She is a model, singer and actress. Lady was a K-Pop group with only transgender members in 2005-2007. On another note, member Choi Han Bit is already a popular transgender model… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Mercury