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Friday Flicks: Is The Order a Rabbit?

I haven't done a segment piece in a long time. I recently finished the second season of "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!" and was looking for something to watch. While I was browsing Crunchyroll, something caught my eye. The odd title, sure. But also, the beautiful animation of "Is The Order a Rabbit?" was… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Is The Order a Rabbit?

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Friday Flicks: Digimon Adventures Tri

Yes! Nothing like a reboot of a childhood favorite. I remember when I had a Digivice....ah~ good times. Anyway, "Digimon Adventures Tri" is a reboot of Digimon, which has gone through six other regenerations/seasons, the first two following the same/nearly the same group. It's been years and I'm too lazy today to go in depth,… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Digimon Adventures Tri

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Friday Flicks: Iron Pussy

Well. Eye catching title, isn't it? I recently started following a page called, Asian Crush, and it has various content from all over Asia. Hooray! One thing specifically is them spotlighting Asian box office(s) movies, anime and short films. For this week, I'm going to focus on their latest feature film, "Iron Pussy," starring Michael Shaowanasai,… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Iron Pussy

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Friday Flicks: SNK Junior High

When this first started getting attention with teasers, I was all over it but I kinda forgot about it for a little bit. UNTIL NOW. "Attack On Titan: Junior High" aired from November to December in 2015. Synopsis: Eren, Mikasa and Armin head to middle school, with their classmates...the Titans. One of the Titans steals… Continue reading Friday Flicks: SNK Junior High