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I found this on the sidebar this morning and decided to give them a go. Did not disappoint. SNH48 are AKB48's Chinese sister group that was formed in 2012 and currently has 102 members as of February 3rd. They have about five teams and 14 inactive members. 7SENSES is one of several sub-unit of the… Continue reading SNH48 7SENSES ‘7SENSES’

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Girlkind Get ‘Fanci’ In New Year Practice Video

Girlkind are ready for the Chinese New Year, and what better way to do anything than in a hanbok? The practice video is worth watching, trust me! Watch the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKxk5kNgiwc   Like the song? Buy their single on iTunes! Also, follow their SNS Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube     Source: GIRLKIND YouTube

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VAV ‘Spotlight’ Practice ZoomZoom Ver.

VAV grace us with a practice version of 'Spotlight' with a zoomzoom in while in dashing hanboks thanks to the Chinese New Year. View the video below: https://youtu.be/lWT2L1X_11M   Like the song? Buy the song on iTunes! If you want a physical copy, grab yours at KTOWN4U! Like VAV? Facebook Twitter Instagram Weibo Tumblr Fan… Continue reading VAV ‘Spotlight’ Practice ZoomZoom Ver.

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What the Bop?!: Fun Times I Just Like These Songs

This week's radio show was a batch of my favorite songs with some new faves thrown in! And I was on time too! Here's the news from this weeks as of Tuesday (11/15/17) Baby Metal wins best japan act at the MTV EMAs this year Namie Amuro’s album “Finally” has sold over 1 million copios… Continue reading What the Bop?!: Fun Times I Just Like These Songs


KARD in Minneapolis Experience + ‘Hola Hola’ Unboxing

I had an amazing experience at the KARD show in Minneapolis last week. The tour was hosted by SubKulture Entertainment once again, so thanks for bringing them back to the Midwest, especially in Minnesota since KARD was the first K-Pop act to do so. I made a YouTube video showing off my merch, explaining some… Continue reading KARD in Minneapolis Experience + ‘Hola Hola’ Unboxing