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Day 3 in LA: APOP FEST

Since I miscalculated my trip, I figured I'd need something to do other than empty my wallet in K-town, so I went searching and found something called APOP Festival. So I bought a ticket and went. APOP Festival seems to be very new. I tried talking to a few people who worked there and I… Continue reading Day 3 in LA: APOP FEST

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G-Dragon In Chicago: M.O.T.T.E World Tour 2017 Experience

Well, it was an experience. An amazingly wonderful, frustrating yet satisfying experience. I would do most of it again. I mainly went because I wanted to see G-Dragon before he went to the military. I haven't seen him perform since 2014 up in the nosebleeds at KCONLA and I wanted to make sure I saw… Continue reading G-Dragon In Chicago: M.O.T.T.E World Tour 2017 Experience

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K.A.R.D in Chicago Schedule Released

It's six days before I leave for Chicago, and a week before the K.A.R.D concert/fan meet. Yesterday, SubK released the official schedule. It begins at 2, when the merch pickup happens, which lasts until 5 pm. What also happens at 2 is the beginning of the benefits pickup. What this is, explained by a SubK… Continue reading K.A.R.D in Chicago Schedule Released