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FREAK (Pictured Above) Members Left to Right: Daichi Morioka Birth 1991.1.23 Yuki Ito 1990.11.29 Genki Ito 1990.11.29 Satoru Nakagaki Birth 1990.11.27 This profile was requested by a reader several months ago. I apologize for the delay, but here you go. FREAK are an R&B vocal group from Japan. They were formed in 2012 by Satoru and Yuki, who attended… Continue reading FREAK

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Daichi Miura/三浦 大知

Daichi (三浦 大知) is a very talented artist. He's a singer, songwriter and choreographer. He began his career in 1997 in the group Folder, but left in 2000 because he became a MAN!(because his voice changed during puberty). In August of 2004 he declared that he would return to music as a solo artist, and did so… Continue reading Daichi Miura/三浦 大知

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安室 奈美恵 /Namie Amuro: Queen of J-Pop

Go ahead and hack my head off for saying it, but Ayumi is the EMPRESS of J-Pop. I don't know the difference, but that's what it is! I found out about Namie through a list of someone's favorite female J-Pop singers. I fell in love with her voice instantly! In fact, the video was Shine… Continue reading 安室 奈美恵 /Namie Amuro: Queen of J-Pop