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Pressure: Figuring Out My Life

I know I've told you guys before in a bit of a light-hearted way about my struggles getting my Bachelor's, but I wanted to write this up to put words to my feelings. This way, it's not locked up inside. Maybe it can help you too. My Bachelor's isn't as easy as I thought it… Continue reading Pressure: Figuring Out My Life


Ms. ThugBear 5th Year Anniversary

Holy shit. I've been around for five years on the blog-sphere. How time flies y'all. Thanks for sticking around. This year was full of experiences, new and wonderful, meeting old friends for the first time and plenty of concert and vacation happenings. I haven't done any interviews or collaborations this year. The reason for that… Continue reading Ms. ThugBear 5th Year Anniversary

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My Absence From Blogging, Chronic Pain and Other Updates

Hi everybody, it's Karen and I have a migraine. unlike most other times I have a medication that usually makes it so that I don't have one. This is only my second migraine in a week since I started my new medication. I used to have migraines 3-4 times a day. They would blind me… Continue reading My Absence From Blogging, Chronic Pain and Other Updates

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To My 4 Years of Blogging, Hooray!!!! *Throws Glitter

It's been a long year since I started school again. I haven't blogged much, which has made me a bit sad, but I'm still trucking along, as you can see. Four years is a long time. Thanks for following me through everything. From my tiny 'blog' posts, if that's what you could call them, to… Continue reading To My 4 Years of Blogging, Hooray!!!! *Throws Glitter