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My Favorite Show Luo Music Videos From ‘Reality Show’

Show Luo came out with a new album around November last year, and while I listened to a couple tracks I wasn't super into it so I forgot it. Until now. There are five songs that received music videos, "I Lost Myself," "Best Friend," "Together In Love (With Bae Suzy of miss A)," "Come Back… Continue reading My Favorite Show Luo Music Videos From ‘Reality Show’

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Popu Lady’s ‘Gossip Girl’

I don't listen to C/T-Pop often, but Popu Lady is one of my favorite acts, and I've apparently missed a couple of their other comebacks (oops!) But this new single, "Gossip Girls" isn't on the US iTunes store yet. Disappointing, I know. They've released two other singles this year, including "Excuse Me," which also appears… Continue reading Popu Lady’s ‘Gossip Girl’

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Luhan’s ‘That Good Good’

So Luhan dropped the music video for his solo debut single, "That Good Good" not too long ago, and it's hip hop...okay. To be honest, I love anything EXO/ex-EXO members put out. They're so awesome. Anyway, besides getting over the hip hop concept, TAKE A LISTEN TO THOSE SEXUAL INNUENDOS. 'Let me tell you about,… Continue reading Luhan’s ‘That Good Good’

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Khalil Fong’s ‘Listen’: THIS IS MY JAM

For now, anyway. But you can never go wrong with Khalil Fong. After "Dangerous World" last year, I've been waiting for him to make a comeback. I remember finding him in...what? 2013? Perhaps before that? I have no idea. I'm pretty picky with my Mandopop. I just can't get into it unless it's a specific… Continue reading Khalil Fong’s ‘Listen’: THIS IS MY JAM