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Random Music Monday: Don’t Cry

Well, yeah. Okay...this is starting off awkward but I'm tired, gotta catch up on "Oh My Venus," haven't eaten dinner yet. It was cleaning day and I still have presents to wrap/make and...yeah. Good news though, it was my day off, and it's my day off tomorrow too. Yay! I get to stay home for… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Don’t Cry

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Random Music Monday: Round Table

OH GOD! IT'S ADORABLE! This song is "Let Me Be With You," by the group Round Table featuring Nino. This song was the beginning theme song to the anime adaptation of my favorite manga series, "Chobits," by CLAMP. Round Table is a duo consisting of Katsutoshi Kitagawa on vocals, guitar and bass guitar, while member Rieko Ito… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Round Table

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‘Let Me In’ From ‘Make Your Move’ OST Released + Pre-Order

YES! Soundtrack! This is for "Make Your Move," starring Kwon BoA and Derek Hough. I've been waiting for this to be released! The first single released is "Let Me In," by Michael Corcoran. Fellow label mates, f(x), TVXQ, Girls' Generation and EXO's Kris also contribute to the soundtrack. F(x) contributed their single, "Nu Abo," while the… Continue reading ‘Let Me In’ From ‘Make Your Move’ OST Released + Pre-Order