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Worldwide Wednesday: Sleep, Strut, Connect

This week I picked three artists that I found on iTunes under the 'New Artist' tag. The first is The Struts with "Could Have Been Me." It has a heavy 80's metal hair band vibe and I love it. It's my favorite out of the three.   iTunes Vevo   I'm too lazy to add… Continue reading Worldwide Wednesday: Sleep, Strut, Connect

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The Miami ‘Bad Girl’

The Miami is a group that Andoni of Cannibal Heart has taken part in, and they've released their first single and music video, 'Bad Girl.' It's a very simple music video starring the lead singer and a beautiful 'bad girl,' with a catchy song to boot. View the music video here:   If you'd like… Continue reading The Miami ‘Bad Girl’

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Pritz: A BABYMETAL Knock Off?

So, since yesterday I've been seeing a lot about Pritz. a rock themed girl group...except this one aegyo video I found that it metal-less. If they ARE trying to copy BABYMETAL, at least BABYMETAL are still metal while being cute. And if it's true that they're trying to be the 'Korean BABYMETAL,' then the only… Continue reading Pritz: A BABYMETAL Knock Off?

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Throwback Thursday: HeeJun

I DID THIS BECAUSE OF REASONS. Mostly because he's a smoking hot J-Rock sounding Korean rock soloist, but also for reasons. Just watch, you'll see. He's fucking awesome. I've done a solo Heejun article before, but three of my favorites that I'd like to flaunt and throw in your faces are "Toy," which is like… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: HeeJun

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Seotaiji X IU Duet ‘소격동’ [Live Performance]

Recently Seotaiji and IU got together on stage to perform one of his latest singles, "소격동." This song was covered by both artist and each released separate versions. Personally, I was hoping for a duet, and I was not disappointed. Watch the video here:   [Since this is a Seotaiji song, his SNS will be… Continue reading Seotaiji X IU Duet ‘소격동’ [Live Performance]