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Rich Chigga “Dat $tick”

Rich Chigga is a 17 year old rapper that I found out about thanks to my friend Daphnee, who is also a lover of Korean hip-hop. However, this is not Korean. His real name is Brian Manuel. He's from Indonesia, and started out as a web comedian in 2012. He began a YouTube channel releasing satirical songs… Continue reading Rich Chigga “Dat $tick”

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KCON LA Day 1 + Illionaire Concert

I ended up going to a concert every day during KCON. My first one was also my first Illionaire concert. This is where I began to use 'lit' much too much. Okay, so the first day consisted of me heading to KCON, we waited inside, and I met some girls in line. We chatted it… Continue reading KCON LA Day 1 + Illionaire Concert

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KittiB ‘Doin Good’ Feat. Verbal Jint

This is KittiB's latest, "Doin Good," featuring Verbal Jint. The song is fucking amazing, by the way. it was released on March 21st. The music video is reminiscent of Ga In's "Fxxk U," in some ways; the girl is being abused by her boyfriend. But it's not necessarily the same, I can't tell the definite… Continue reading KittiB ‘Doin Good’ Feat. Verbal Jint