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Random Music Monday: S_ame

I used the Twitter handle for this band because I just really didn't feel like spelling the band's name out more than necessary. These guys debuted literally today. Their twitter is only as of right now 22 hours old. The group, Shinotsukuame (篠突) released their music video for their debut single, "輝夜-kaguya-" earlier today. I… Continue reading Random Music Monday: S_ame

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Versailles Reunite For 9th Anniversary

THAT'S RIGHT. MY FAVORITE JAPANESE BAND. GETTING BACK TOGETHER /dies/ Okay so in all seriousness Versailles just released this teaser yesterday as a preview for their 9th anniversary showcase. The showcase will take place on June 25th, 2016 at Zepp in Divercity, Tokyo. The second date I had to translate via google, so forgive me if… Continue reading Versailles Reunite For 9th Anniversary

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Open Up Your Heart To The Winking Owl

The Winking Owl have returned with their debut mini album, "Open Up My Heart" with their title track. The music video is angsty, but in a happy way...if that makes sense. The lyrics are mostly English, so awesome for international fans, right? Watch the music video here:   The album will be released on the… Continue reading Open Up Your Heart To The Winking Owl