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Worldwide Wednesday: Gravity

I came about this...from PONY's makeup channel for her "Soft Feminine Makeup" video. The song is called "Gravity" by Umpire featuring Liz Kretschmer. It was released in 2015. There's a dubstep breakdown...but it fits in the song and it doesn't sound bad...I feel like such a trash can. Listen to the song here:… Continue reading Worldwide Wednesday: Gravity

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Worldwide Wednesday: Sleep, Strut, Connect

This week I picked three artists that I found on iTunes under the 'New Artist' tag. The first is The Struts with "Could Have Been Me." It has a heavy 80's metal hair band vibe and I love it. It's my favorite out of the three.   iTunes Vevo   I'm too lazy to add… Continue reading Worldwide Wednesday: Sleep, Strut, Connect

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The Miami ‘Bad Girl’

The Miami is a group that Andoni of Cannibal Heart has taken part in, and they've released their first single and music video, 'Bad Girl.' It's a very simple music video starring the lead singer and a beautiful 'bad girl,' with a catchy song to boot. View the music video here:   If you'd like… Continue reading The Miami ‘Bad Girl’

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Worldwide Wednesday: ceo

This is one of those, It-was-free-and-sounded-cool songs from iTunes back in 2010. This is from ceo, which is also titled CEO, aka Eric Berglund,who is half of the Swedish duo The Tough Alliance. He began his solo career in 2010 with his album, "White Magic," and recently released his second album, "Wonderland" this past February.… Continue reading Worldwide Wednesday: ceo

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Worldwide Wednesday: Marina and The Diamonds

I apologize for the delay. As I stated on Facebook, I had to go to the hospital yesterday, and my excursion lasted several hours. Sorry for the delay, so here it is, finally!Marina and The Diamonds is a single musician, singer/songwriter from Wales, Marina Diamandis. She has been active since 2005, but made her official… Continue reading Worldwide Wednesday: Marina and The Diamonds