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Friday Flicks:Bromance

I saw the teaser for this drama on Facebook and it looks awkwardly hilarious, so I HAVE to watch it as my first drama of 2016. "Bromance" is a Taiwanese drama, btw so if you plan on watching this, be in for the long haul. Oh wait, only 20 episodes. /sighs in relief/ Synopsis: Following a… Continue reading Friday Flicks:Bromance

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Friday Flicks: Absolute Boyfriend

Let's put it this way, it's "Zettai Kareshi," BUT WITH GU HYE SUN AND JIRO WANG! All episodes are on Dramafever and you should watch it. All of it. OMG! I love this show! I have the Japanese series but now I can finally watch the Taiwanese series. This live action version was released back… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Absolute Boyfriend

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Friday Flicks: Roommate Diaries

So, I just sat down and tried to watch "Roommate Diaries," the series from Taiwan I was uber excited about because it stars one of my favorite singers, Show Luo. Yeah...the episodes on Viki right now are only 10 minutes or so each. Disappointed, but I'll try to find it elsewhere. From the few minutes… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Roommate Diaries

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Friday Flicks: Meteor Garden

As a K-Drama fan, we all should have seen, or at least HEARD of the world-wide phenomenon, "Boys Over Flowers" (꽃보다 남자). However, this is not the first TV version of the famous manga, let alone the first live-action drama adaptation. Japan has 3 versions: anime, live action film, live action series with 2 seasons,… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Meteor Garden

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Show Luo Releases OST For ‘Roommate Diaries’

Show Luo has released the music video for, "從愛發落," which will appear on the drama he is currently starring in, "Roommate Diaries." Watch the music video here:     I also forgot to add this depressingly sad song, "再見陌生人"   The drama is about a man named Song Xiao Lei, an honest and idealistic man,… Continue reading Show Luo Releases OST For ‘Roommate Diaries’