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What to Bring to KCON [A List]

Whether you're new or returning, there's always a need to prepare, and I am the queen of disaster and over-preparation. Let me break it down on your need-to-brings in this list for KCON! 1. Your Ticket Sure, you may get the mobile ticket or the E-ticket that's fine, but if you have the option to… Continue reading What to Bring to KCON [A List]

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Christmas Shopping Guide For That Asian Pop Fan in Your Life!

For future references, since it's very unlikely to ship by Christmas or to get to you in time, unless your in to giving Christmas gifts in January or your friend has a January birthday. Anyhow, this list is for us, for friends and gift exchanges of all kinds.  I realized one of the reasons my… Continue reading Christmas Shopping Guide For That Asian Pop Fan in Your Life!

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Asian Diversity Within K-Pop

So this is another touchy topic that I would like to touch on; the diversity WITHIN the Asian performers in K-Pop. Let's start off with non-native Koreans. Not too diverse. Still Korean, BUT, they weren't raised in the same country, possibly having no idea about proper mannerisms or language. Tony An, an LA native (born… Continue reading Asian Diversity Within K-Pop

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My Top 12 Iconic K-Pop Songs

This is inspired by this, and OH MY GOD, WHITE PEOPLE PLEASE. IT IS NOT 'GAING-NAM' OR 'HAI-YOONA' or 'TAE-YAYNG' MY GOD, PEOPLE. HOW HARD IS IT TO COPY PRONUNCIATION?!?!?!?!?! 'gAH-NG-NAHM' 'HYUH-NUH' 'TAE-YAHNG' THERE! /I'm so sorry/ /I did not mean to freak out/ He, or rather, 'they' seemed to miss out on some rather… Continue reading My Top 12 Iconic K-Pop Songs