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CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’

Thanks to the push from CL on New Years, Made Management has released the official audio to CL's 2016 unreleased single, 'All In.' On New Years Eve, CL posted to Instagram lamenting about how she couldn't give anything to fans, and that she was risking a lot to show us what she had, but that… Continue reading CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’

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Danny Releases First Episode of Official Podcast

Danny Im, vocalist of 1TYM, aka the group that is the love of my life has officially released the first episode of "Danny's K-Pop Broadcast," his official radio/podcast program. He takes calls from fans and talks about his experiences in K-Pop. He talked about learning choreo as a trainee, what it was like as a… Continue reading Danny Releases First Episode of Official Podcast

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Where Is The Love? 2016

The Black Eyed Peas re-released "Where Is The Love?" in the wake of all the violence happening around the world and in our own country (US). If you're criticizing the beat, you're missing the whole point. This isn't on a WW because the message is more important than my schedule. TBEP's featuring The World, aka Mary… Continue reading Where Is The Love? 2016

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KCONLA: Tickets + Artists + Updates

I've been focusing mainly on KCONNY because that's my biggest (and was my only one just hours ago) trip, but I'm going to LA, so I thought I'd make a post about the tickets, artists and such! KCONLA will once again, be held at the Staples Center for three days, between the 29th-31st of July.… Continue reading KCONLA: Tickets + Artists + Updates