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Super Junior ‘Otra Vez’ feat. Reik Has Me Feeling Some Type of Way

For real. Until today, I haven’t listened to anything else except this album. I feel empty without it. This is the best Super Junior release since…yes.

No Super Junior release is bad, I just can’t remember the last time I couldn’t listen to anything else but a Super Junior (main group) release. I wanna say ‘Devil.’

This mini album and the music video was released four days ago. That’s right. I have listened to nothing but this Super Junior album for FOUR DAYS.

My favorite songs are ‘Otra Vez‘ featuring REIK and ‘Ahora Te Puedes Marchar,’ which is a remake of popular Mexican singer, Luis Miguel‘s 1987 hit. It’s ENTIRELY in Spanish, and I’m going to put both versions below.

Watch all the videos here:




Don’t forget to watch the behind-the-scenes of SuJu’s music video for ‘Otra Vez,’ below!


And as a bonus, here they are, embarrassing me, by being…well, Super Junior:


You can get the album on iTunes, Google Play, or pick up a physical copy on Ktown4U!

Like Super Junior?







Source: SMTOWN (1), (2), (3), Warner Music Mexico

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