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Sunmi ‘Siren’ MV

I have been waiting for this release since the teasers appeared on Instagram, and I have been SNATCHED.

Sunmi‘s latest release, ‘Siren‘ was released this morning. and it’s AMAZING.

So the plot is pretty simple. Sunmi’s getting ready to go out, when her house is invaded by a Siren doppelganger. Freaky. What’s worse is that she’s gotta let the Siren finish the song before she leaves and then finds out the Siren has fucked with the wiring in her house so she can’t even turn the lights off.

Way to go.

Watch the music video here:


Y’know what makes me angry? You can’t buy this on iTunes right now. I can’t even find it on Google Play. I’m PISSED, this is such a bop, I wanna listen to the other songs! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WHAT IS THIS, 2011??? WHAT YEAR IS THIS????? I’M SO DISTRAUGHT!!!!

Like Sunmi?




MakeUs Ent. YouTube




Source: 1theK Official YouTube

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