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Post KCONLA Playlist…And First Broadcast in FOREVER

Thanks to my studies and work, it took me awhile to come back, but here I am! /ll cool j voice/ DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK! …please don’t make me feel old. Get my jokes, people.

Listen to the episode here:

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Namie Amuro’s ‘Finally‘ DVD sales outsell Arashi, and it’s not even out yet. Namie Amuro has sold over 1 million pre orders of her final concert series.

Arashi, Japan’s best selling boy group, sold 900,000 copies of their ‘All the Best Clips~1999-2009~‘ DVD concert series.

AKB48 member Jurina was drawn and CGI’d into the music video for ‘Sentimental Train‘ and it was…awkward. Though management said they’d re-shoot it with her once she got better. That’s cool, right?

Jurina had to step down from her duties in Produce48 because of her health, which continued to deteriorate, which lead to her continued hiatus and uninvolvement in the latest single. Good luck and best wishes, Jurina!

BTS are the fastest to have surpassed 1 million views in 24 hours for ‘IDOL’ breaking their own record again.

Sunmi will be releasing her new mini album on the fourth

SNSD will be releasing their single album as the unit Oh!GG on the fifth.


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